Toggle Symmetry for Cinema 4D

Toggle Symmetry 1.0. Free for private and commercial projects. Needs at least Cinema4D Release 9.1.

This plugin for Cinema 4D is divided into two commands. The first, 'Toggle All Symmetry' can disable/enable all Symmetry objects in a scene with one click. The second command disables/enables only the Symmetry objects from the currently selected object (in the same way how pressing 'Q' enables all HyperNurbs objects). Cascaded Symmetry objects will also be considered.


How to use Toggle Symmetry

To speed up your workflow you should also map a shortcut key to the plugin. Here is how you do this:

  1. Press 'Shift+12' or go to Window -> Layout -> Command Manager
  2. Search for 'Toggle Current Symmetry' and select it
  3. Place the cursor into the 'Shortcut' field and press the key you want to map from now on to this command (I chose the '§' key, left to the '1')
  4. Click on Apply
  5. Now you have to redo these steps for the 'Toggle All Symmetry' command. This time I choose the 'Shift+§' combination for the shortcut)


ToggleSymmetry v1.0 needs at least Maxon's Cinema 4D Release 9.1 on Windows or Macintosh.


Unpack the zip file and copy the ToggleSymmetry folder into your Cinema 4D plugins folder. Don't change the file structure or delete files from this directory. Restart Cinema 4D and you will find a new entry 'Toggle Symmetry' in the Plugins-Menu. That's it!

Terms of Use

Free for private and commercial projects. The author of this plugin cannot be made responsible for any problems or damage which may result from the use of this plugin. Distribution, selling and editing of the files without a written permission from the author is prohibited. By downloading the plugin you agree that you have read and accepted this information. For more information please visit

copyright 2008-2010 Patrick Eischen